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Professional BMS management system design and development Rich experience in power battery group design

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Design Experience
Power battery system R&D and design experience
The team focuses on the R&D, production and sales of power batteries/energy storage battery systems, has accumulated rich experience in R&D and production, and has more than 20 battery-related patents. Among them, the "electric-electric hybrid system" with independent intellectual property rights effectively solves the problem of service life and performance matching of the existing battery system, and has been widely used in electric forklifts, electric mining trucks, electric tractors, and electric loaders , electric excavators, remote control rescue robots and other models have been recognized and used by customers.
Core Technology
In-depth study of battery management system and master the core technology of battery management system
Key Features
Key Features of Aobo New Energy Construction Machinery Lithium Battery System
Electric-electric hybrid system
1 hour charging, 8 hours working
Full life cycle management
Quality Assurance
Five-year long warranty and customized working hours
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