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Service Introduction

Aobo New Energy's after-sales service is a solid guarantee for the smooth operation of your products and solutions. Aobo New Energy not only provides customers with high-quality products, but also provides high-quality after-sales services that match the products. It is customer-centric and continues to create higher business value for customers.

Service Process

1 Repair by telephone

2 Feedback Details the time and place events

3 Confirmation Establish a professional team to analyze and confirm the problem

4 Correction Find the cause of the problem and correct it

5 Actions Provide corrective actions and address customer feedback

6 Report Form a report to report to the customer the reason for the problem

7 Return visit to seek opinions and suggestions from customers

Service Response

Service outlets within 300 kilometers of service within 24 hours

Service outlets within 600 kilometers of service within 48 hours

Service outlets within 600 kilometers of service within 72 hours

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