24V voltage platform

Performance parameters

Model Parameter
Battery Type LFP
Rated voltage 22.4V
Voltage range 17.5V〜25.55V
Rated Capacity 277Ah
Pack energy 6.205kWh
Size (L*W*H) 648mm*336mm*244mm (Installation size, special working conditions, customizable specifications)
Recharging current 277A(max)
Discharge current 277A(Constant)
Peak current 554A,120S
Charging temperature 0〜55℃(When the temperature is below 0℃, the heating will be automatically started before charging)
Discharge temperature -20〜55℃
Discharge connector Through wall terminal
Charging connector Through wall terminal
IoT communication 4G, GPS/Beidou
Power display LED/Display
Protection class IP67
Weight About 61kg

Compatible vehicle

Brand Model
SDLG S1012
SDLG S1212

*Use standard modules or standard PACKs to form various vehicle battery systems Optional high-power intelligent chargers
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